Secumar life vests

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The Secumar 10H/IAF is the standard survival vest made by Secumar-Germany
for the Italian Air Force. It has some pockets for survival items together with a
double collar air bladder coloured orange for high-viz. There are 2 cylindrical O2
bottles for automatic inflating and a manual system. It has been in service since
the middle of the '70s. Pictures Shark

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Secumar 10HK-RDAF-2 life vest with straps and fittings for use in Westland Lynx
flown by the Royal Danish Navy Air Squadron. The Secumar 10HK-RDAF-2 vest
was heavily modified in RDAF service changing the closure system and changing
the bladder and inflation system. Pictures Bluelight

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Secumar 12NL/H-SS life vest used by the Netherlands Navy. Pictures Shaba