Ulmer 82 series oxygen masks
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Message 3238, Jun 26, 2001
Hi Zipper One, Contact Daniel Djebranie. he is from France and maybe can help out [with the microphone, Bluelight remark]
The mask is used on:
Gueneau Type 458(GK,GM), 316(G,GK,GM), 313(82,A,J).
French Navy:
Ulmer 82 GK Super Etendard, Etendard, CM175, F8E, TAB AN 121
Ulmer 82 GM Super Etendard, Etendard, CM175, F8E, TAB AN121
French Airforce:
Ulmer 82 Mirage, (super) Mystere (as early as 1969...)
Ulmer 82A Mirage, Mystere IVA
Ulmer 82GK All aircraft with sealed cabin up to 15000 meters, or without sealed cabin up to 12000m.
Ulmer 82G Same statistics as 82GK (different valve)
Ulmer 82J With MC-3 like connector (same statistics as 82GK)
This is far from complete but all I have. Do not have info on foreign use.

Message 3193, Jun 25, 2001
Hi everyone, Can anyone help me with a microphone for my Ulmer 82M Oxygen Mask please? Does anyone have any information as to the type of aircraft it may have been used on?
Regards, Zipper One.
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