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Message 3244, Jun 27, 2001
Shark: Typical question for flight gear as westerners are typically creatures of habit and western flight officers usually have checklists with everything in order.
Not so here in Russia. There are nearly limitless combinations of flight equipment with helmets. Putting together a set list would not be worth very much. No combination is out of the question. Even within same units helmets and gear may be different. It is also very dependent on the time frame, location, type of unit, but still not standard.
The only combination I have not seen is a VKK-6 with a ZSh-3. That doesn't mean it is not possible.
The GSh-6A is worn GENERALLY with the VKK-6M, possibly an outer garment like a VK-3 over the VKK-6, but not necessary. Gloves, boots, and an ASP-74, although other flotation devices are possible.
The ZSh-5 and ZSh-7 should be treated the same when you look at what gear they can be worn with. Anywhere from the VKK-4 to VKK-15 is possible.
The ZSh-3 is worn more often without a VKK-6 as it is worn more often in a non-high performance aircraft. However, when worn in the old MiGs (15, 17, 19, and 21) it could be worn with the older VKK-4.
It is perfectly safe to put together almost any conglomeration of Soviet/Russian flight gear and it has been work in the active service. I especially like when the pilots wore goggles with their ZSh-3's, which have a retractable visor. But there are also extra lenses for the PO-1M goggles - clear and dark, but not for the square goggles. Pilot preference.
I doubt this helps at all.
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>Hi guys!
>...I'm curious to know you thinking about Soviet flight gears
>combinations. For example:
>helmet GsH 6 - suit VKK 6 - gloves... - boots... - survival kit....buoyancy...
>helmet ZsH 3 - suit .... - gloves... - boots etc
>helmet ZSh 5 - suit .... - gloves.... - boots...etc
>helmet Zsh 7 - suit .... - gloves... - boots...etc...
>Without space gears.
>I'm sorry for this question but every time I found pictures of Soviet
>flight gears/Soviet pilots ....they are always different!If I could
>have a main way to's would be fantastic...
>many thanks in advance