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Message 644:
For Sale Soviet VKK-4P pressure suit size 10 good condition with matching socks. Picture attached! Price to be negotiated, depending if you have trade items.Bye Ron

Message 711:
To all: Now that Holdek has shown us his GSh-9AP Russian pressure helmet (that I never even knew existed, heretofore), and due to the fortunate concurrent offering of a Chinese TK-4 pressure helmet on eBay, does anyone notice any similarities between these two helmets? I have been comparing photos of the GSh-9AP (at Holdek's site in Poland) with the photos of the Chinese TK-4 on eBay and there are very definite similarities, in my opinion. Since China has in past copied Russian designs (and come up with its own in their TK-2 series, apparently), there is a good possibility that Russia passed on studies or data on their GSh-9AP designs, which China then based its TK-4 series upon. The GSh-9AP is dated roughly in a similar time-frame as the TK-4. Any opinions or ideas among you others on this subject, out there? Thanks. (see attached images for a comparison, and apologies to anyone who feels as if these photos have been expropriated without due permission....).     Cheers, Chris Carey 

Message 906:
Hey everyone, Got my latest shipment in from mother Russia and the neatest thing is this Gsh-6. I don't know if it photographed well but it has a mirror visor. Anyone know anything about this? Cheers all, Steve

Message 907:
Well, Steve, that's certainly a different modification. I haven't seen one of these. And on the right side of the visor, is that a white plastic support, or reflection? Nice specimen. Is there a different mod number for it? Gato

Message 909:
I think that 'white plastic' on the right visor edge is the electric demister connection cover. Nice looking GSh-6A. I have never seen a silver reflectorized visor on the -6A, either. New one on me! Looks like 'Mother' has been good to SN! Cheers, DocBoink

Message 910:
Yep, Doc, I believe you're right. Now, if this is a GSh-6A, wouldn't there be some indicator of this modification;or, did the Russians not keep track of such changes? All the other features look the same. Gato

Message 912:
Hi there! I believe sbd. made this visor an mirror visor to make the GSh rare. I've seen a lot of GSh 6 and has never seen such a type. I can't even imagine what the mirror is for. Does the visor look look like hand made? What about the screws, do they seem to be  'used'. I would also check the mirror glass, especially the edges. That is very interesting thing for me so I will check it with my manuals and also with Russian friends. Best wishes Holdek

Message 913:
Protection against solar radiation for very high altitude flights? Can remember seeing a picture of a Foxbat pilot with this? Will have a look in my books, Bye Ron

Message 915:
I can't find any numbers on ths Gsh-6 but it appear to be a newer version or in fairly good shape. It did come straight from Russia (Moscow). As I know very little about the Russian nomenclatures, I will defer to Chris's id as Gsh-6A. The mirroring is somewhat lighter that the coating on U.S. gold visors and it still has the dark inner visor. Where should I look for the numbers? The green comms helmet has a small orange tag. Would the writing on it be helpful?Cheers All, Steve

Message 930:
Dear collectors! I just got back from Russia and took some pics of very rare helmets. I'll post all of them at my site, now only one pic for the group. All the best Holdek

Message 933:
I have enclosed some photos taken of the Gsh-6 previously mentioned [message 906]. There is a DTK 1986 on the rubber liner in the neck ring. The 3 photos enclosed are of the orange tag on the comms helmet, a tag in the crown of the helmet and a number on the inside edge of the visor. It appears some type of film has been applied to this visor. Let me know what you think. Cheers, Steve N.

Message 942:
That is a most interesting older helmet [message 930]. I presume a pressure helmet, very much along the lines of our WWII 'Tomato Worm' pressure suit experimental suits? Do you have any details on it? Cheers, DocBoink

Message 943:
Hi Steve, As far as I can see, the helmet [message 933] says GSh-6LP and the visor says Gsh-6M. Ron

Message 947:
I believe this is the very first pressure helmet [message 942]. There are no numbers and plates in or on it. It is so old that the gum parts are in very bad condition. As I wrote earlier I have few pics of that kind of russian helmets. I'l post the pics on my site and then will let You know about that. Best wishes, Holdek

Message 948:
Holdek: Thank you for this additional information on the early Russian pressure helmet. It bears a faint resemblance to one of the earliest German pressure helmet designs (late 30s/WWII era) in that it appears to have had one frontal, two lateral, and one overhead transparency for viewing, fitted to a rigid exoskeleton framework. Quite obviously old and most interesting. Must say I envy you your firsthand 'eye' out on the Russian Federation. DocBoink

Message 952:
Hi DocBoink, [Message 943] Visor: GSh6M (note the lack of the dash) Zehasht 2516 (what ever that means, i am still searching for my dictionary). One would suspect that the visor would have had an other identification (the GSh6LP naming) instead of referring to the GSh-6M! As the visor is the difference between them.... Or they changed the entire name of the unit in GSh6LP after modifications. There is an ZSh7LP, anybody knows where the LP stands for? Has Craig Martelle no idea? As he is the supplier of the helmet. Funny part with those Cyrillic writing is that they do keep writing a western N in front of a (Izdeliye, series) number. Otherwise it should have been the Cyrillic H for N......Dazvidanja, POH KPAAH

Message 1302:
Attached is a photo that may be of interest. It appears to be a Serbian MiG-21 pilot's GSh-6A assembly. It is available from Miroslav. Cheers, DocBoink

Message 1548:
After much searching, I dug this photo I did a while back of one of my Soviet high altitude partial pressure suits (VKK-3). As with the rest of my Soviet suits, I've always wondered what this particular bladder is used for? Obviously, the first bladder in the photo, is for the anti-G feature, but this second one is attached by buttons, and has a small, short hose with a plug at the bottom. If anyone can tell me what the purpose of this bladder is for, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.Wizzo

Message 1562:
Hey Wizzo, I have a similar bladder in my new condition VKK-6M, although it does not button in. It has the little hose attached too. Got me on what it's for. Wild guess from its appearance and location makes me think of some sort of piddle pack feature, if certain other accessories are used. I don't think it would be an additional G-purpose bladder. Anyone else? Gato

Message 1564:
The bladder is to hang there the face part of the helmet .  Waiting for Your reply  Holdek

Message 1566:
Clearly, its NOT for urinary collection. Hence the appropriate zipper opening that is in the appropriate position on the suit. Plus, since the hose is so small and so useless for that function, it has to be something completely unrelated to urine collection. Let me add the fact for my own first hand experience in the F-111F, you use take a long a piddle pack or two or three and do what comes naturally. After experimenting myself with it at various inflation levels, I've determined that it may have something to do with the anti G bladder behind it. Prehaps a "preset" inflation to aid the anti G bladder? Its still a mystery to me.Wizzo

Message 1567:
Hi Wizzo, Sorry, I was not really serious about the function of the bladder! The bladder on my suit is positioned inside the G suit bladder next to the wearer. Perhaps it is supplemental in function. I will check with my limited sources. Gato

Message 1569:
Hi All, From one ol' helmet collector to all you pressure suit guys: The Russian VKK-6M pressure suit incorporated a small sealed air containing bladder called the "body compensator" that laid between the fabric of the suit and the upper abdomen. The air trapped in this bladder expanded on exposure to high altitude and applied pressure to the abdomen during pressure breathing. I suspect that this is the function of this bladder. Are't you just dying to know know how I knew this? Hint: a little birdie told me.....Cheers, FIGMO

Message 1674:
Hi all! I have a quickly question.... What's the purpose of an orange neckskirt sometimes present on Soviet GSH 6 helmets? Thank you in advance for your attention.
Ciao Maurizio

Message 1679:
The orange neckskirt is used when the helmet is worn with the VMSK-4 anti-exposure suit, which has an orange nylon outer shell. Sometimes the entire helmet is painted orange, as well. These neckskirts are fairly rare.
Cheers DC5

Message 1681:
Hi Maurizio, The Russian partial pressure suit had an orange colored coverup I believe WMSK-4, so the orange skirt was supposed to match that variety of the suit. See attached
01681 WMSK4.jpg (28197 bytes)


Message 1684:
The orange neckskirt is used along with the orange GSh 6 LPM. Depends on the flight type may be used along with complete VMSK-4 that has the orange outer suit or with just MSK 4 or 5 which is also in orange color. In generall the orange colors are used during flight at the sea. E.g. pilots from 'Admiral Kuzniecow' worn this type of helmet and suits.
Regards, holdek .

Message 2133, May 6, 2001
Dear Moonbeam, VMSK 4 should be use along with GSh 4MS not GSh 6
Regards, holdek
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How much would it cost a suit VMSK-4 type like the 1st from the left on the attached picture but fitted with the butt pack like the second picture ? Suit must also have the "orange skirt" with the ring to fix my helmet. I'd like to use the suit with my white GSH-6 helmet.
Please advise
Cheers, Moonbeam

Message 2134, May 6, 2001
Hi Holdek, Please check this picture I have. it shows a VMSK-4 with an orange GSS-6.
Cheers, Moonbeam
[Same picture as in message #1681 above]

Message 2162, May 7, 2001
Moonbeam: Here in Moscow, I've seen a couple complete sets of the VMSK-4  (check my web page for the details). I've only picked up one and sold it for $700 (excluding the helmet and the orange skirt). I have never seen an orange skirt for the GSh-6, so if you ever see one of those for sale, pick it up immediately.
The VMSK-4 is used with the GSh-6 and the ZSh-7. Again, check my web site - I have pictures of both configurations. In old days, I'm sure the VMSK-4 was used with the GSh-4MS, but this would have been limited. The Orange suit and gear is for pilots flying over the water in high performance aircraft. These missions are/were flown by carrier based aviators (Russia only has one carrier) and the Northern Barrier patrols. So there was a very limited audience who needed the VMSK-4 and associated gear. I've seen some helicopter jockeys wearing what appeared to be the VMSK-4 outer shell (which has some piping for anti-G), but they probably were not wearing the PPK-3, or VK inner.
I hope this helps, Craig

Message 2169, May 7, 2001
Hi Moonbeam, I had the helmet from the pic at my home and it was a falsificate, someone painted normal GSh 6 LP pink/orange!!!!!
If anyone is interested I have one GSh 6 LPM with neckring and box and papers and would sale it for a good price. Regards, holdek
P.S. They are only used on Admiral Kuzniecow with orange helmet. When they are used without the orange MSK4 outer suit may be worn with GSh 6 and also ZSh 7 but as far as I know russian do not use it in that combination. Also the VMSK 4 on the pic is now at Mr. Michael Lee collection in Scotland.
Waiting for Your reply. holdek

Message 2211, May 9, 2001
I'm not sure on this one - it looks like the suit is in reasonable condition. The "imflatable" device is simply an ASP-74 (which was standard issue for pilots flying the Su-27N off the Kuznetsov). It should have more than one inner suit (the VK-3 being one, the quilted suit being a second, and the PPK-3Y lower torso altitude compensation suit). If it were complete, it would also have a set of mittens/gloves. I sent the seller a bunch of questions regarding this suit (all those above). I also asked if this was the modern variant with the hood - the older version did not have an integrated hood.
DC5 - good catch on the boots. These are big floppy galoshes looking things, but they keep the material of the suit from ripping when the pilot is walking around or working the pedals in the aircraft. Keeps the suit thermally sound.
All my best, Craig
>This is not bad, though not complete, by the looks of it. Does include the
>LPU ("imflatable devise"!!). By 'inner suit' I'm not sure if it includes
>the thermal suit, Vkk suit (with orange hose hook-up) or PPK trousers
>(again with orange hose hook-up). There are also large boots that attach to
>the feet, which do not appear to be included here, but can be found. Yes,
>the orange skirt is not easy to find. Unless you are digging through my
>Cheers, DC5