KM-32 oxygen mask

Message 908:
Please see the attached image of a KM-32 Oxygen mask I recently acquired. I got this mask because it does not have provision for the occipital bladder. This is the 1st KM-32 I have seen like this. The microphone lead has a different plug than normal and I am concerend about the front of the mask. As you can see from the picture, the valve on the front of the mask is different from other KM-32s. Is this just the insides and I am missing the rest of the hardware, or is this right? Please note, there is no hardware for another hose as per the KM-32 and the inside of the does not look like a standard KM-32. Anyone have any help on this one. Thanks all, Steve N

Message 967:
I have a KM-32 like the one in the picture. They are complete. The difference between these KM-32's and the other versions is the other ones have the bladder connection, a metal reinforcement piece over the nose bridge area, and a support hook attached to the nose bridge. Best regards, Mark Finkelstein

Message 971:
Steve, I was told by someone that this configuration (no metal piece, no support hanger) was used when the leather helmet was used alone (no metal outer helmet ). The metal bar and support hanger was needed to stabilize the mask when used with the metal outer shell. I would venture that this configuration would be used in non-fighter aircraft where no high G maneuvers were encountered. Best regards, Mark

Message 975:
Hi everybody! This type of mask is/was used (in Poland) along with a THL 3 W3 (W3=version 3). The strap can be changed and the mask siuts perfectly. This set was used before the first ZSh 5 came. KM 32 was used along with a green headset-(which had no earphone and was tied at the back part by line). As sbd. KM was used to not fight flight. Best wishes  Holdek

Message 977:
Holdek, Thanks for the info. This mask did come from Craig in Russia. Was it used in cargo style planes? Thanks, Steve