Hardman retention system

Message 61, 26 November 2003
Hi all,
Today I received a number of ALSE related pictures from one of our air force photo labs. When I ordered them I only looked at negatives and those of you who have tried it know that you might overlook some of the details in the pictures.
One of the pictures was chosen because it showed a pilot strapped into a Martin-Baker Mk.2H ejection seat. He was wearing a P-3 helmet but my main reason for picking the picture was the seat. Now that I have received the picture it turns out that his helmet is a P-4 with a P-3 visor, and to my big surprise it also had the Hardman retention system. This is the first time that I have ever seen the Hardman receivers and christmas tree bayonets in Royal Danish Air Force (RDAF) service.
I do not know whether this a blessing or a curse. It is very interesting to find new information like that but now I have to locate a complete Hardman retention system, not the kind of item you come across every day. Mount the horses and let the hounds loose!
Cheers, Bluelight

Instructional picture of pilot strapped into Martin-Baker Mk.2H ejection seat. 8 March, 1961. RDAF
p-4_p-3_visor_hardman_rdaf_1991.jpg (93947 bytes)

Message 179:
I should add that the Hardman system was developed for the original Toptex "Lombard helmet". It was used without a chinstrap only on that helmet. When retrofitted to USAF and Navy helmets, the chinstrap was used. Rich Mays

Message 178:
TRUE or FALSE?: the Hardman retention system does not eliminate the chinstrap.
FALSE- hence the name "retention system"
Was the Hardman oxygen mask retention system ever used with the MBU-5/P mask? I woud have said no, but I recently saw just such a setup. Certainly abnormal, though. Rich Mays