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Message 672, 28 Jan 2004
Hi all, Here is a little for the high altitude buffs in our group. I have added two wonderful pictures of Swiss pilots wearing French partial pressure suits and EFA T.23 helmets to the Best of Flightgear website, courtesy of SIWA once more.
Cheers, Bluelight

00672efat23swiss_tn01.jpg (24704 bytes)00672efat23swiss_tn02.jpg (25594 bytes)

Message 3112, Jun 22, 2001
To the pressure suit specialists: Does anybody have a pair of ARZ 30 gloves. The ARZ 30 is the EFA suit which goes with the EFA 21/23 helmets. Any hint appreciated...
Regards, downwind28

Message 1553:
My suit has the wrist hoses, no gloves and no caps.. Wizzo

Message 1551:
Hey Wizzo Does your EFA suit have the hoses at the wrists for the partial-pressure gloves? I've got the gloves, but my suit was manufactured without the hoses. I've seen others that have had them capped. Cheers, Dave Clark 5

Message 1549:
Digging through some of my photo archives this past weekend, I found a long lost photo series of one of my first good pieces of flight gear. Its a somewhat incomplete at the time, EFA high altitude partial pressure suit. This rig might be going onto the auction block to make room in my collection for some more USAF and some Soviet gear. This is one of my earliest photo sessions and failed to get the flash exposure just right. Wizzo
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Message 1464:
Hi Steen,
> French an EFA Type 23. The latter, however, has a
> different oxygen connection than the one shown in Jet
> Age Flight Helmets on page 151.
This is a mistake in the book, they switched the type 21 and type 23's. In the picture is the Type 23. The suit is not know to me, looks like a Swedish example. Bye HUD

Message 1450:
The suit worn with the Taylor helmet looks more like an anti-exposure suit than a standard flight suit (the crotch zip in particular) . This apparently was not uncommon. But I would not say it is an actual 'pressure suit'. Combination pressure jerkins/life preservers were normally worn with the Taylor helmet. However, here is worn a standard orange life preserver (looks to be Frankenstein mfg. RAF pattern). It also looks like he's got a pair of 'internal' anti-g trousers on beneath the suit (seeing the number of hoses going into the PEC. But it is possible a partial pressure suit is worn beneath the suit rather than a g-suit. Anyone correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't believe the RAF ever issued a partial-pressure suit. They had anti-g trousers, and used them in conjunction with pressure jerkins if required. There were British- manufactured partial-pressure suits (I have one in my collection) but I believe these were used by civil test pilots rather than the RAF. Any thoughts, Doc Boink? Again, with the EFA helmeted pilot (and there were a number of customized oxygen set-ups on EFA helmets depending on the nation, aircraft, etc) it looks like another anti-exposure suit. And normally, it was mated to a Type 30 partial pressure suit (which again could be worn beneath). The life preservers look to be the same between both pilots. Nice pics...would love to see any more! Cheers Dave Clark 5

Message 1449:
Its quiz time folks, In 1968 trials were conducted in the Danish Air Force to determine whether we should buy pressure suits for our F-104 interceptors and which type. Two types were tested, one British and one French. The British helmet seems to be a Taylor Type E and the French an EFA Type 23. The latter, however, has a different oxygen connection than the one shown in Jet Age Flight Helmets on page 151. Anyone who could identify the suits and helmets shown in the enclosed (mediocre) photos? Any other comments on the flight gear? Cheers, Bluelight 14

Message 631:
Hi All, My collection has a very good condition EFA Type 23. The people who know me, are aware of the fact that my main interest is Dutch flightgear. The Type 23, however was never used in the Netherlands AF. So I am looking for a Type 21 helmet. In similar condition.... My helmet has a neckring, storage bag, scratch free visors, visor cover, complete neckseal and looks never used. Only thing is the green ox hose showing some age. Other offers may be considered depending on condition of the offered Type 21. Other pictures [of the EFA 23] are available. By Ron