EFA chutes

Message 3498, Jul 19, 2001
Here are the last pictures. Hope these will be ok for you. If any interest, please let me know.
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Message 3497, Jul 19, 2001
Dear Fouga, I stumbled upon a load of Fouga Harnesses some time ago and was able to retrieve them. These are almost unissued and have all parts except the parachute. The harness is complete with the backpack and cushions. All is well marked EFA and it has a red pulling handle assembly. If any interest, please let me know.
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Message 2561, May 28, 2001
Can't make out enough details of this chute assembly, but perhaps EFA (French) seat-type chute? I have an EFA seat-type chute that was used in French T-33 aircraft. Perhaps it is the same? I wish I had better images of the chute (not obscured by the pilot) to make a better determination on this. By the way, that's great helmet art!
Cheers, DocBoink

Message 2556, May 28, 2001
Does anyone know what type of chute this is(picture)? I know it's a seat parachute. They sit on it(so it's not on their back :-) Aircraft is a Fouga Magister. Helmet is a HGU-26/p, pilot is Jean-Charles Kotwicz-Herniczek who flew the solo display until last year.
Greets, Fouga
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