EEU-2/P and -2A/P anti-flash goggle assembly

Message 124, 10 December 2003
Hi Chameloon and Milehigh,
I guess that the PLTZ goggles assy is the same as the EEU-2A/P goggle. See the pictures below. The HGU-55/P in those pictures has the same two plugs as the one in the current eBay auction.
Cheers, Bluelight
eeu2ap_02.jpg (41738 bytes) eeu2ap_01.jpg (39691 bytes)

Message 123, 10 December 2003
Hi Chameloon,
This is the USAF SAC helmet for use with the PLTZ flash protection goggle assembly. The device in the visor cover is the upper mount/electrical connector for the goggles. The second wire runs to this bracket to power them. Nice complete rig ! The SAC bomber and tanker cockpit crew have access to these in the event of "the big one "
Hope this helps. Milehigh

Message 122, 10 December 2003
Hi guys,
Please have a look at this dual visor HGU-55/P on Ebay:
It has 2 comm. cords coming out of the helmet. One ending at the end of the O2 hose with a standard NATO plug, and the other with a mono jack plug...
Is it a standard setup for a special kind of plane (F-111?) or just a modification for, for example, linking the helmet to a PC to play sims...
Cheers, Chameloon

Message 550, Dec 10, 2000:
I need an illustrated -parts breakdown or technical drawing for the EEU-2/P Nuclear flash visor system. Anyone have anything? Cheers all, Steve Norris

Message 212, May 25, 2000:
What is the difference between the EEU-2/P and the EEU-2A/P? Length of time the lens takes to clear. Rich Mays