Belgian flightgear in general

Message 2562, May 28, 2001
Here's another pic of that helmet art.
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Message 2561, May 28, 2001
By the way, that's great helmet art!
Cheers, DocBoink

Message 2556, May 28, 2001
Aircraft is a Fouga Magister. Helmet is a HGU-26/p, pilot is Jean-Charles Kotwicz-Herniczek who flew the solo display until last year.
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Message 2531, May 27, 2001
Hi DocBoink, Check this pictures of one of the swimmers of 40SM during a pickup from an USN submarine. This guy has a very nice visorhousing on his HGU-55/P. Fouga, maybe you can get a visorhousing from them? The helmetshell is an HGU-55/P which is relative easy to get. By the way Fouga, are you interested in a Belgian AF Immersionsuit? I have one which I will trade or sell. Let me know if you're interested.
All the best, Venz
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Message 2526, May 27, 2001
Nice TV series. Every friday at 1.40PM Local Time at the TROS (Nederland 2). For the people who can receive Dutch Television :-) By the way: The swimmer/rescueman is wearing a Dutch suit (Blue red diving suit). This man (Huub Stapel) plays a Dutch exchange swimmer/rescueman in this serie. The helmet he have in his hands is an HGU-55 with dual visor housing, as it is in use with the 40SM (40Sqn) of the Belgian Airforce. See the attached picture of a mechanic in one of the Sea Kings of 40 Smaldeel BAF.
Cheerio, Venz
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Message 2525, May 27, 2001
Just found this pic on my HD. Thought maybe someone would like to see it. It's from the Belgian tv-series windkracht 10(windforce 10) about the 40 SQN SAR.
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