ALPHA helmets

Message 2019, Apr 29, 2001
Hi Michael and fellow collectors,
I have tried to send photos of some of my spare helmets so that I can sell them to finance our museum aircraft relocation but Yahoo rejected them saying that they were more than 1 Kbite, which they were not. anyway here goes again.
The ALPHA Mk.10 has also seen use but is complete with oxygen mask too.
Best Regards, Zipper One.
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Alpha Mk.10 with infinite locking visors

Message 314:
Ron, If current developments are any indication, there is a lot of "mixing" of flight gear going on. Boeing has an Alpha based helmet which I think is the HGU-86/P (Sound right Chris). The US Marine Corp uses or did use the British Bio-chemical mask (the one with the dual hoses).
It may come as a surprise to International collectors but the USAF Intergration Lab at Brooks AFB Texas routinely purchases and tests equipment from all over the world. Most notable in recent years has been the large number of British helmets they have tested. I think it's safe to say the US borrowed the occipital bladder from the Russians. All in all, it appears there is more "sharing" of information and technology going on. As discussed a while back, I think some equipment developed in the US that was not used by the US military, was probably used by other countries in varying configurations. The HA/LP mask and the various HGU-55/P configurations are examples.
A fair number of Alpha helmets surfaced in the US recently. I can't be sure, but I think they may have been used by US forces somewhere along the line. I also have a number of pictures taken at ASD Wright-Patterson AFB of the Canadian DH-411 and DH-41-2. It would appear they were at least evaluated by USAF.
It sure makes for an interesting, if not difficult authentication process. Cheers all, Steve N

Message 174:
Here's the photos of the ALPHA helmets in my collection. Kind regards, Christian

Message 170:
The Alpha helmet mentioned by Sven is the helmet used in the Training Unit (PC-7 flying) here in the Netherlands. It is grey with a black visor cover. It also is used with the MBU-12P. These helmets are replaced with the HGU-55P. Some still hang around on airbases and find there way to collectors. Ron Kraan

Message 165:
The ALPHA helmet is manufactured by Helmets Ltd. of Wheathampstead in the UK. ALPHA means Advanced Lightweight Protective Helmet for Aircrew. There are four main types of Alpha - The ALPHA, the ALPHA Mk.10, the ALPHA Mk.10A and the ALPHA Mk.10B which is the current type used by the RAF. I have examples of each type and will e-mail photos to anyone who is interested. Regards, Christian

Message 164:
Hello, I have a question: Someone offered me an "Alpha" flighthelmet with an Oxygen mask and clear and dark visor. Who can tell me what kind of helmet this is. The name "Alpha" doesn't sound familiar to me. I hope someone can tell me more about it. Sven Scheffers.